Lynda M Arnett Computer Consulting
Your problem is my problem. I solve problems. Let me help you with yours.
I build new machines, repair old ones, recover and transfer your data when you have a severe system failure. I give tuneups to put the speed back into your machine when use and time has slowed it to a crawl. I teach you and explain in English how to use your computer at your house, generally help you with any and all questions that you have. I can help you write that book, make that movie or save your old ones, digitize your music, create websites, learn a new program or anything else that you might be interested in.

I have worked in the Southern California, San Diego area since 1990 fixing all kinds of computer problems that crop up through the normal use of your computer. I build new machines. Now especially with many users not happy or able to use the new Vista operating system I can build you a Windows XP sytem so that you get the latest hardware but can continue to use a system that you know and your software that may not yet work well or at all on Vista.

I come to you. Although with gas the way it is right now I've been staying closer to home in San Diego and the Southern California area. You'd be surprised how many problems can be fixed over the phone or email. Or with your permission I can remotely control your system and solve many problems that way. I don't just come in and fix a problem though. I believe that it's my job to educate you and teach you how not to get into whatever mess you may have gotten into. I don't mind coming back for different problems but I really try to help you understand how to not repeat your present one.

So if I sound like your kind of repair person, give me a call 619-368-9783 or email me at or We can discuss your problem, the options and costs that will take to fix it.